Investing In Your Future

It’s time to start thinking about your future. I’m not talking about finance, or even the distant future, but Christmas is about eight weeks away now. I know, it’s two months away, what the hell am I doing talking about Christmas? And that’s my point. You need to start planning for it now.

Here’s the thing, practically everyone wants to enjoy themselves over Christmas, and most of us will overindulge. It’s basically the entire point of Christmas for adults. We don’t get toys, so we eat and drink. And it’s not usually more veg and water we’re eating and drinking. So, you know this is going to happen. In about two months, you know you’re going to gorge yourself for several days, maybe even weeks. You’ve been planning for it since last Christmas. Well, now’s the time to plan what position you’ll be in come the festive period.

You have roughly eight weeks now. Usually, if I’m advising someone who wants to compete in a marathon or half-marathon, I would say they need about eight to twelve weeks of preparation, minimum. But you’re not looking to compete in a marathon, what you probably should be looking to do is put yourself in a good state for Christmas. What I mean by that is, you’re probably going to overindulge, so from now until then, you want to be building that buffer. If you’re going to put on a bit of weight, which is likely, it makes sense to be a bit more sensible until that time. Maybe tighten up your diet and reign in your indulging for a bit, maybe it’s time to get back into regular exercise, especially before everything’s too packed in January. That weight you might be putting on over the festive period, lose it before then.

You need to ask yourself how you want to feel around and after Christmas. Do you want to feel guilty and awful (even though I hate the guilt that surrounds food), because you ate and drank too much, and put on a couple of pounds? Or do you want to have that wiggle room prepared, so you can actually enjoy Christmas and the New Year without worrying, or feeling bad about yourself? It’s up to you, but you need to start planning for it now. Seeya next week.

Dan Miller

Body Fuel Personal Fitness Trainer