Never Give Up

Never give up. Success might be just around the corner. It often is. Particularly when it comes to health and fitness. We’ll all have heard or seen stories about someone who struggled to lose weight for years, they tried every diet, they tried every form of exercise, but nothing ever stuck, until one day it did. That could easily be you.

The first thing that’s important to understand is, there’s nothing wrong with failure. Often, it’s an essential part of life. There’s nothing wrong with failure, because it means that at least you tried. The key is how you react to it, the key is to learn from it, and try your best to avoid making the same mistakes again. And a lot of fitness, and certainly nutrition, is trial and error, so it’s not all going to work, or it’s not all going to work for you. You might try a diet, and find out you hate it or you can’t stick to it. That’s fine, that way wasn’t for you, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t one that is.

You can’t give up, because whatever you’re trying to achieve obviously seems important to you, and it’s likely to be important to your health. So, it’s worth trying again, and again, and again, until you succeed. Because, it just takes that one time. You can fail twice, five times, ten times, none of that really matters, if you can keep going until you succeed. You can just chalk off all of those attempts, because apart from being a learning curve, they’re largely irrelevant once you find something that works. And eventually you will.

There’s a route to success out there for everyone, and if you give up, you’ll never find your way onto it. And so often, it’s just around the corner. Other people have done it, why not you? They’re probably not going to be that different to you, or your circumstances, they just kept trying. Don’t give up, be that success story. See you again next week.

Dan Miller

Body Fuel Personal Fitness Trainer